Monday, January 01, 2007


The Dragons and Knights traditionally get together on any holiday, and some we make up! We try to have different things each year for New Year’s Eve, so this year it was Ms. Mushy’s Hot and Spicy Beef Stew.

Begin by buying the best stew beef and cutting it into small pieces (about a pound and a half per every 4 to 5 people). Heap it all into a large hot pot with a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper it, and brown well. Meat will not be fully cooked through in this step. Extra boiling and simmering will tenderize and finish cooking the meat.

Depending on how many you are feeding, add Spicy Hot V8 juice, a hefty sprinkle of Mrs. Dash’s Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend! Let the mixture and meat boil on medium heat for 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Sauté some mushrooms and onions (if you like onions) and dump into the stew pot!

Then begin adding your favorite vegetables, like diced new potatoes, a can of mixed vegetables, corn, and anything else you like or need to get rid of!

Boil the mixture another 20 or 30 minutes, and then put the pot on small burners/elements and simmer until the party arrived. About 30 minutes before time to eat, mix up your cornbread mixture and bake either in muffin or pone forms. Remember, buttermilk makes the best tasting cornbread!

Serve with large bowls and butter for the cornbread.

For dessert, offer sweet or buttermilk for the remaining cornbread! Now that’s Southern goodness!


Anonymous said...

Ever put noodles in it? I LOVE to put noodles in moms stew. A little honey too. I know, yuk. That's great cold weather food.

Mushy said...

Actually we did put in a little bit of sugar - we made two pots and one was a little too spicy hot, so we cut it with a teaspoon of plain sugar, but honey would work!

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