Monday, January 08, 2007


As I said below, I’ve lost at least 9 pounds and feeling really good. Started walking earnestly today and have a hike planned Wednesday. I’ll probably post pictures either on Flickr or on Mushy’s Moochings.

I ate out Thursday and ordered Hawaiian Steak on A Stick, mushrooms and onions, and creamed spinach. Apparently the little bit of cream and the 2 Killians didn’t bother me.

I ate out Friday and ordered Rudy Tueday’s New Orleans Seafood dish with broccoli, and instead of the potatoes I got their mashed cauliflower. I also had 2 Killians and so far it has affected my loss.

Tonight, I grilled a hamburger steak for my wife and I (after I ran to the store and swapped out the propane tank). It was delicious with sautéed onions and green beans, and some sliced tomatoes. Note I included a few nuts too! I’m beginning to like nuts with everything I eat!


Anonymous said...

Looks like down home cookin'. Looks good. That beer is sort of off the diet though, but you can't be a fool about these things, right?

When I found out I was type 2 I started eating lots of peanut butter. Still do, on lots of things.

Mushy said...

I stopped buying beer for home and plan on just drinking we go out or when we visit each other. Can't hurt too much...lost another pound!

Peanut butter? What is the theory behind that?

Anonymous said...

Peanuts. Low carb. Dietition told me low carb, to keep suger intake down. So I look for low carb stuff and take a few pills every day. Soon came to the realization that maybe it was the 5 or 6, or 15 or 16 cokes I was dinkin' every day that put my blood sugar at 550. Went to diet soda and now all is well. Still do two pills a day, but eat pretty much what I want, within limits. Lucky I don't drink and crave sweets all the time.

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