Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This dish is not un-similar to the “stir fry” chicken dishes already posted, but there are 3 different ingredients in this offering that make it slightly unique and tasty.

Cook and set aside Lipton’s New Orleans Style Rice
(written prior to caveman diet).

As readers know, I normally start with a hot skillet of olive oil (4 tablespoons) and minced fresh garlic. From there I (for 2 to 3 people) pop in 8 Tyson chicken tenders straight from the freezer. I admit that there is less sizzle and popping if you let the chicken tenders set out for about 1 hour on a double layer of paper-towel in a paper plate to thaw. However, frozen tenders can be put in a hot pan without too much of a problem.

As soon as the tenders have begun to thaw, sprinkle salt, fresh ground pepper, and cayenne pepper on the tenders. As the down-side begins to whiten, turn them and season the reverse side with the same ingredients.

Brown the tenders to your liking and remove from the skillet and place them on paper towel in a paper plate and set aside. After they cool you need to cut them into strips – about 3 strips per tender.

While the tenders are cooling, prepare your vegetables.

- Cut up half a yellow/orange and half a red bell pepper.
- Cut up half a large sweet onion (Vidalia in season)
- Cut up half a package of raw washed and de-stringed green beans
- (pineapple and either cashews or peanuts are optional)

In the skillet with the remaining olive oil and garlic, dump the vegetables. Season the vegetables with salt and pepper. If the mixture becomes too dry, spray with cooking spray or add a table spoon of olive oil. Once the mixture is about half cooked (leave as crispy as possible) add 2 tablespoons of stir fry sauce and 2 tablespoons of sesame oil.

Add back in the cooked chicken strips and toss the mixture until completely heated.

Serve with the rice on one side of the plate and a helping of the vegetables and chicken on the other.

As usual, I like a “toddy” or beer as I cook. Tonight it was George Dickel
and Diet Coke! George is a southern thing and made of quality in Tullahoma, TN. It’s hard to find in bars or sports bars even in Tennessee, but it’s better than Jack Daniels! Yes, it’s true. You can’t sip Jack straight, but George (the 90 proof) is born to sip slowly with a fine cigar – with or without ice.


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