Sunday, January 07, 2007


If you’ve thought about a new diet (or as I prefer, “way of eating”) for the New Year, check out the caveman diet.

I began what is commonly called “the caveman” or “paleo” diet a few days ago and I think this will be good for me. Already, I feel so much better inside. I don’t have that full, bloated feeling after eating, and my wife likes the fact that I’m not full of gas – which means all my heartburn is gone! And, I’m never hungry!

Basically, it’s anything you can find above ground (which leaves out potatoes and peanuts), is not made of starch (which leaves out corn, pinto beans, breads, and pastas), or made with sugar (which leaves out a lot).

I’m becoming a “hunter-gatherer!”

Mornings I eat a few nuts, a boiled egg, and some kind of fruit (including bananas). I continue to walk and run around a lot, so I stick a baggie of nuts in my pocket, put a bottle of water and an apple or banana in the truck and I’m off. For the evening meal, we cook some kind of meat, add a salad or stir-fry, eat fruit and nuts while watching TV.

My blood pressure was 132/78 this morning at the doctor’s office and she (yes she) was pleased to hear about the diet. She asked one question about calcium and I said I’ll get it from broccoli and other green leafed vegetables. I gave her one of my “blogness cards” and left happy.

I like it because you can eat all the meat you want, nuts, vegetables, and fruit – there are no limits!

It could be right for you too!

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