Friday, December 22, 2006


Rained all day here in East Tennessee and we laid around most of the day watching things from Comcast’s ON DEMAND. Late in the afternoon we began to get hungry, so I went over the inventory.

I found some frozen medium sized shrimp, a jar of Bertolli’s Mushroom Fettuccini, a box of bow-tie pasta, some sun-dried tomatoes, some garlic, an onion, and fixed me a drink of my Christmas present – George Dickel Barrel Select! Man was that Dickel smooth!

I fixed the pasta according to box directions (salted and added a touch of oil to the water), diced a small onion, and put the fettuccini on low heat to simmer.

I then ran cool water over about 24 shrimp, pulled off the tails, and cut them into three pieces each.

Once the pasta was finished, about 10 minutes, drain it and set it aside. Turn on the heat under some olive oil, the sun-dried tomatoes, and the onions. Sauté this mixture until the onions were slightly limp and dumped in the shrimp. I salted the top of the shrimp, and sprinkled in plenty of fresh ground pepper (I recommend lots of pepper).

I did not have bacon or bacon bits, but if you do, add them at this point for more flavor!

When the water from the shrimp boils away, dump the mixture on top of the pasta and then the hot Bertolli!

Mix it up and serve hot! Bread is optional!

This plus a little George will warm you up on a cold rainy day.

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Fathairybastard said...

Sounds good. Booze always makes whatever your eating go down better.

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