Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Cut up a polish, turkey, or beef kielbasa sausage by cutting the link down the full length and then across making bite size pieces and set aside.

Cut up a large sweet onion in to thick bite sized pieces and set aside.

Cut about 7 or 8 ¼” thick patties from a medium block of Velveeta cheese and set aside.

Mix about ¼ cup of Heinz 57 Sauce and ¼ cup of honey in a measuring cup and set aside.

Open 2 cans of sliced whole potatoes, drain, and set aside.

Open a large jar of sliced mushrooms and set aside.

Place a small iron skillet with about ¼ cup of vegetable oil in the oven. Pre-heat the oven to 450.

While the skillet is heating, mix about 1 cup of self-rising cornmeal, 2 tablespoons of flour, and 1 table spoon of sugar in a bowl. Add 1 egg and enough milk to make a thick mixture. Remove the skillet from the oven when it is pre-heated (use a pot holder…its hot!) and pour the hot oil into the cornmeal mixture and stir.

Pour the mixture into the hot skillet and pot it back in the oven for 20 minutes.

Open your favorite beer (Old Scratch by Flying Dog was my choice) and pour into a frosty mug. Set the mug down near the stove top.

In a large skillet (one that has a fully covering lid) heat what? Olive oil and garlic! That’s right! Also drop in about 1 table spoon of your hottest hot sauce and stir. Once the oil and garlic is sizzling, pop in the kielbasa and brown. Once the sausage is the color you want, dump in the Heinz 57 and honey mixture. Stir until the meat is fully glazed.

Dump in the onion and stir until the onion begins to get limp – then dump in the mushrooms!

If you haven’t had a good drink before this point, have on now!

Dump in the potatoes and stir the mixture until thoroughly heated.

Now evenly space the cheese slices around the top of the heated mixture, turn off the stove eye and cover. Do not remove the top until you’re ready to serve.

By now the oven timer should be sounding. Remove the cornbread (you could have done muffins as I did, but a “pone” has a much moister texture) and holding the handle with an oven mitt, run a knife around the edge to loosen the bread. You should be able to flip the pone over so you can cut from the bottom side. Cut into squares or wedges – your preference.

Now serve out a portion (equal amounts of meat, potatoes, onions, etc.). It is your call on whether to mix the cheese throughout the mixture or to serve the melted patties on top of the meat and potatoes. Either way, eventually the cheese will find its way throughout the dish.

You can serve with coleslaw or green beans and, of course, the cornbread.

Have the last of the beer – you deserve it – you’ve worked hard.

Next time!


Gustad said...

Mushy, thanks for comments! I would be honored for you to link me.

I like your cookings… just like you said, very similar stuff we have in common.

Still have a lot of reading to do at your various blogs, but I happened to pick up the agent orange post. I did a report on the nasty stuff back in my school days.

Keep in touch

Mushy said...

Thanks Goose for the comments and visit. I check you out often and am amazed at your experimentation - not sure I'd do some of that stuff. It's almost like a Fear Factor episode at times! Ha

Hope you caught the trash can turkey post...figured you have heard of it and tried it, but wanted to share.

And, you are linked.

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