Sunday, June 29, 2008


So, I was sitting there in my living room watching the Food Network, and, as usual, I was sucked into Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”! He and Paula Deen grab my “grease buds” every time I pass either show!

However, this particular “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” show was about crazy breakfast dishes, and especially one about the “horseshoe breakfast” sandwich. Man, this baby is a grease lover’s dream concoction, and I had to have one!

Mine was a little less loaded than the ones Guy featured, but the basics are the same:

  1. One or two pieces of toast laying flat on a plate
  2. Topped with two crumbled pieces of bacon
  3. Topped with a slice of American cheese
  4. Topped with fried cubed potatoes and onions (salted and peppered)
  5. Topped off with a very runny, over easy, egg (or two)!

My tongue almost slapped my brain out before I could cut off a bite and get it into my mouth! To quote “Fat Bastard”, “Now get in my belly!

Put one in yours today…so easy, so tasty!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


After settling for McDonald’s biscuits the first morning in Manhattan, we opted for Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway. The place is complete with “singing waitstaff”, all of whom are awaiting other tours in on and off Broadway Shows.

The air conditioning was off the morning we visited, and was almost unbearable, but the smell and taste of good breakfast food held us captive long enough to enjoy Chocolate Pancakes and The Bagel That Ate Brooklyn!

All the while waiters and waitresses took turns bellowing out show tunes. I must admit they were all very good, but it all soon grates on your last bite of bagel!

For lunch one day, we joined the local lunch crowd near Pier 17 on South Street and enjoyed ribs, chicken, burgers, etc. at the Heartland & Barbecue Brewery! It was a very cozy, relaxing, and cool (meaning well air conditioned) place to eat. Their selections of micro-brews were terrific too. Steve and I had a couple!

After cooling off on this particularly hot day in June, we took in the “Bodies - The Exhibition”. Their air conditioning was in great working order.

It was a very fascinating exhibition of male and female human bodies that had been dissected in very interesting and informative ways. As the warning says: Warning: Not for the squeamish. 'Bodies...The Exhibition' will give the public the unique opportunity to see first-hand the inner workings of our bodies through authentic, preserved human body specimens. This 32,000 square foot exhibit that features 22 whole body specimens, as well as more than 260 additional organ and partial body specimens. Please note: this exhibit is made up of bodies that were taken from the Dalian Medical School in northern China. There has been some controversy over the source, because the Dalian Medical School gets unidentified or unclaimed bodies.

That evening, back closer to the Novotel Hotel, where we were staying, we choose Ray’s Pizza. Ray’s is not your local family run pizza joint, but they do have many locations and serve up a good slice of pizza. Some places don’t offer single slices, but this place allowed me to walk down a line and point out several slices I wanted to try. This pepperoni and pineapple was simply delicious!

Steve and I had a great “boys night out” the evening Judy, Katie, Terri, and Julie took in “Hairspray”. We ended up a O’ Lunney’s Irish Pub just off Broadway. We were partying with the office crowd, still in their business work attire, while we displayed our manly legs in our tourist shorts!

Steve and I ordered, but he was the only one to get a meal. Through some southern low speaking misunderstanding, the little lady, who lived with her boyfriend, thought that the appetizer I ordered was my meal! I did not get upset, nor did I tell her of the mistake. I simply ordered another beer and watched Steve enjoy is fish and chips! Sure wish I had gotten to try that “corned beef”!

Oh yes, a side note, don’t you guys love these “afterburner” type hand dryers! My first experience with “Xlerator” dryers was at the Green Parrot Bar in Key West. Noisy little suckers, but they will blow freckles off your hands!

Judy, Katie, and I picked Rosie O’Grady’s for our last evening “big meal” and we were glad we did. The girls had a Prime Filet Mignon and I had, in honor of the trip, the New York Cut Sirloin Steak! Simply delicious and cooked to perfection!

After the meal we hammed around taking photos and then had the waitress take one of us. Unfortunately, the window light caused the camera not to fire the flash, so it was not as good as I had hoped. However, we enjoyed ourselves for a little over a $100 plus tip!

Yep, you can always find something to eat in New York City. Next time, however, if there is a next time, I’ll explore some of the ethnic food in the different boroughs. It has to be better than the tourist trap area in and around Broadway and Times Square.

For other photos and more information on our trip, check out Mushy’s Moochings, and Flickr.

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