Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jambalaya Made Simple!

When I grocery shop, and I do very often, I'm always looking for something simple that I (us men) can cook.  This week I wanted some good'ol Louisiana cooking, like I used to get when I was stationed at Biloxi back in the 60s.

Suddenly, I spotted this big can of Simple Suppers, made by Margaret Homes, on the shelf.  I grabbed it and read, "Just add meat!", that's for me, I almost said out loud! 

And, it is that simple!  
I cut up the kielbasa I'd been saving, browned it in some olive oil and garlic, and whalah, it was ready for the can of jambalaya!

I almost didn't have time for my Crown libation it was so quick and easy!
We had some leftover cornbread, and together it was delicious!

One some complaint "Margret", it was a touch too salty!  Maybe folks should consider adding a pinch of sugar to cut that down a notch.

Next time... 
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