Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So, there I was shuffling through Food City, just needing a gallon of milk and some bread, when I spotted a package of the most beautiful pork chops I've ever seen!  There, beckoning to me, were two, about 1" thick chops with the bone in; center cut or pork loin chop include a large T-shaped bone.

Almost instantly I visualized how they needed to be cooked.  I knew that if I let my wife cook them, mine would wind up dry and tough.  She loves to kill her meat hint of pink in her steak; her chicken and chops cooked white and I had to save these from total destruction!

I quickly stuffed a large sweet potato under my arm and headed for the check out with the chops, milk, and bread.

One the way home I went over and over my cooking scenario, and just the right language to use to show Judy just how important it was for me, and me alone, to cook these chops!

Fortunately, she was in just the right mood to let me cook.  Huh, who am I kidding, she's always in the mood for letting me cook!

I got out an iron skillet, and turned the stove eye up as high as it would go.  While it was heating to nearly a red glow, I washed the chops off.  There are always little bones on steaks and chops that can ruin a great eating experience.

I salted, peppered, and added some garlic powder to one side of the chops, and plopped them, seasoned side down, in the hot skillet.  As the down side was getting properly browned, some parts blackened, I seasoned the up side, and then turned them over.

On a cookie sheet, I spread out one layer of aluminum foil and then placed 2 smaller sheets on it for the chops.  I took the seared chops out of the skillet and placed each one on its own sheet of foil.  I then wrapped them up carefully, making sure they were completely enclosed.

I washed the sweet potato and placed it, unwrapped, on the cookie sheet and slid it all into a 400 degree oven for 1 hour!

After one hour, I unwrapped both chops, poured off the juices, and re-wrapped mine.  I left Judy's uncovered in order to properly brown and kill it!
I put it all back in the oven for just 15 minutes more.

I plated the supper, slathered the potato with some butter, sprinkled on some brown sugar, and sat down to see if I had accomplished what I wanted...a fork-tender chop.  

Success!  I was indeed fork-tender, and the whole meal was properly cooked in 75 minutes!
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