Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gluten Free - Spaghetti - Wheat Belly Friendly

If you have been missing a pasta-like dish, here is an easy way to have the same taste and consistency as a "traditional" plate of spaghetti!

First, cook some hamburger like you would normally for a traditional spaghetti meal, except don't pour off all the fat.  Pour in a gluten-free spaghetti sauce like Monte Bene

I used just half a jar of their "garlic and marinara" and was very pleased with the taste.  We did add a little Mrs. Dash to kick it up a notch!

Using a "noodle maker" tool, like, or similar, the one shown and twist off some zucchini, and or squash, noodles.  It's so easy!

Boil the "noodle" for about 2 minutes in some beef stock.  Drain, and put them into your spaghetti mixture.

Stir and cook until well blended and then plate.  Add real grated parmesan to the top and serve.

Note: There are gluten-free wines out there, so have a small glass with your spaghetti.* 

You'll never have to miss "pasta" again!

*I haven't shopped for wine in sometime, but amazingly the operator was aware of "gluten-free" alcohol.  He showed me wines, vodkas, and even Tennessee whiskey that were "Wheat Belly" friendly, and some even had "gluten-free" on their labels.  Moderation is the key, and you should read the labels of everything you buy.

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