Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ron and I stopped in for lunch at the Kingston Alley Grill & Ale House today, our first trip. Bailey’s has been disappointing us of late, so we’ve decided to do a little scouting for us and the other Knights!

Since Ms. Mushy has me on the Weight Watchers diet, I held myself to one tall Killian (3 or 4 points), and ordered The Roosevelt – a 10 oz. marinated sirloin topped with Worcestershire butter. It comes with a house salad and I added steamed broccoli. Everything was delicious and I think I stayed under points, especially since I brought home at least half the steak.

Ron took on the 22 oz. Sierra Nevada and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich – an 8 oz. chicken breast grilled and topped with honey mustard! The sandwich comes with a huge pile of thick sliced fries. There was none left, so I think they must have been good!

There were 3 TVs visible, not quite “sports bar” coverage, but adequate. There are plenty of games along one wall with lots of tables, plus outdoor seating. There are also quieter area seating along the opposite wall from the game machines.

Of course, there is live music on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday evenings, beginning at 6 PM on Wed., while the other evening’s entertainment begins at 10 PM.


Fathairybastard said...

And whan will you be performing? That sandwich and fries looks great.

Mushy said...

Where ever I'm at...I'm performing!

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