Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Let me say right up front, that this is the best tasting fish I’ve had in ages. Not since my mother-in-law Ruth fried Crappie, have I enjoyed fish more!

We bought several packages of frozen fish, some grouper and flounder, the other day to see which we preferred. As it turned out, we like them both!

Coincidentally, just a day before going to the store, Judy read about a “nut breading” technique in her “Curves” magazine. So, that is what we tried.

We thawed a 3-piece package of the grouper out overnight in the refrigerator and cooked it the next day.

She chopped up a mixture of almonds and walnuts on a paper plate. She then whipped up a single egg in a shallow bowl, adding salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice. She then stepped back and handed the hot cooking to me!

All the while we were baking 2 small potatoes in the oven, which we planned to eat with the fish.

I separately rolled each piece of fish in the egg mixture, then rolled them in the nuts, and placed them into a hot skillet of EVOO, no garlic or hot sauce added!

I then pressed the timer for 3 minutes! When the timer went off I gently turned the fish and reset the timer for 3 minutes. So not cook it any longer! A hot skillet at 3 minutes is plenty. Even at 3 minutes, you’ll get a nice dark brown to blackened look, which is just perfect.

When the timer went off the second time, Judy had the potatoes opened, salt and peppered, and butter sprayed! I placed a piece on each plate, beside the lovely potato.

I tasted first and went into a swooning groan of pleasure! Man! The taste of the fish was heavenly. There was a crunchy outer shell with tender fish inside, and the combination of tastes is indescribable! You must try this at home!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Well I'll be damned. Glad to have you back here too. Yea, that sounds GOOD, and simple too. Lookin' foirward to more ideas about simple and slimmin' dishes. God knows I need them.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

By the way, my neighbors called me in a panic after I got home from Wisconsin, tellin' me they had somethin' for the cats. Someone sent them one of those foam boxes loaded with Hallibut on dry ice. By the time I got home it had mostly thawed. I'd pick up a sealed plastic package and there'd be water in there runnin' around. Friggin' Hallibut is expencive as hell, but I'm afraid to eat it. Don't want the cats shittin' all over the place ether. Too bad. It's in my fridge, but I ain't touchin' it.

Mushy said...

Man, that's a shame...would have been good.

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