Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yes, I know I haven't been posting very much of late, but I haven't been cooking much either. However, we do go out quite a bit and I try to post about those more memorable meals over on Mushy's Moochings.

I may not be back here that often, but I do intend on keeping this site up as my cookbook reference! I don't have any of the things I like to cook written down anywhere but here, so I would like to keep it for posterity sake.

If you have a blog, but don't particularly want to post recipes on your site, then I'm making this one available. If you want to post a great old family recipe, sort of let the secret out of the bag, then email me and I'll post it for you full credit and a link to your blog.

See ya from time to time...Mushy!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Kinda figured this would happen. Figured you'd fold this one and maybe Silverbacks into Moochings when yer life story winds down. Not lookin' forward to that. Enjoyin' it too much.

I've got a few of mom's recipes written down somewhere. Maybe I'll divulge a few secrets some time.

jan said...

I didn't realize you had this blog too. I would contribute, but how hard is it to make a ham sandwich?

Mónica...Cine Cuentos. said...

Hello! I come from blog of Jose and I liked know you. I hope that you visit my blog. I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay...

Kisses for you.

Mushy said...

Ohhhh, kisses...and to think I wasn't here to get it sooner!

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