Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Chicken tenderloins are always in my freezer and they stand ready for a great salad, a meat side to cooked vegetables, or rice. I use them the most to cook, dice, and mix into an EVOO stir fried mixture frozen or fresh vegetables.

That what you see posted here, and stir fry of broccoli, green, yellow, and orange bell peppers, onions, and water chestnuts! I cooked them in what was left from frying the chicken in EVOO and pickled garlic! If you look closely at the vegetable shot, you can see the browned garlic deep into the mixture near the front of the photo.

It really takes so little effort and time whip up an impressive meal that’s good for you. Add your special touch by adding salt, pepper, and a touch of cayenne pepper to taste to the chicken as it cooks. Remember, frozen chicken does not have to be thawed before you cook it! Just heat up one side, add your seasoning and turn it over and add ingredients to the other side. Then just brown to your liking, cool and cut up, and sit aside until the vegetables are just about ready! Simple!

Of course, as always, I had a little shot of my favorite beverage sitting along side the stove as I cooked. In this case it was Chavis Regal scotch, straight up, but often times it’s Jose Cuervo Black, straight up, or George Dickel over ice. When the stock is being rationed, it will be a pale ale of either Sierra Nevada, Yuengling, or Bass. Anyway, it’s about the only time I drink at home and it makes for an enjoyable experience!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Damn, that looks good, as usual. I've got classes all day today, and then Chinese leftovers waitin' for me. Mmmm, the generals chicken and shrimp fried rice... again. That and a bottle of sweet wine, or a few Shiners. Maybe a shot of George in there somewhere, or Tequila Rose (one of Denise's favorite drinks). Looks like Pepto Bismol, but I like it OK. We'll have a few shots, but I've found an alternate use for it that I like better. She likes it too. While were in the sack I pour a little on the little man in the boat and proceed to take an hour or so to lick it off. Drove her NUTS the first time I did it.

Mushy said...

Don't drown'em!

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