Thursday, January 17, 2008


…and cooking once again!

My son-in-law works maintenance for a local health club chain. He brought home a couple of exercise bikes that were to be thrown out. He managed to piece together two great functioning cycles from all the parts and he gave us one! Ours is a Lifecycle 9500HR, and man it is working both Judy and me out! The trick for us is to set it up in full view of the big screen, instead of down in the cool basement!

Seriously, neither of us will ever be health models, but it does keep us moving between naps!

At minimum, we try to ride 30 minutes a day and I think that’s plenty, even if you split it up into 2 or 3 sessions. Fifteen minutes equals around 5 miles. But, you do need to keep the heart rate up! Thus far I’m up to 15 minutes at a time, and the only reason I get off then is that it puts very uncomfortable pressure on my prostate area! Yep, it just kills me sometimes and even puts little Mushy to sleep! I have to force myself to the back part of the seat or I get this very unpleasant feeling that takes hours to go away.

Anyway, so much for my personal problems, the real reason I’m posting is to document a couple of recipes – this one about pork tenderloin and the following one, which may be the better of the two, about how I prepared grouper!

Pre-prepare some raw broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and onions for cooking, by cutting them into bite size pieces. Sprinkle a few almonds into the mixture for extra flavor and crunch. Then put them on a paper plate to await their turn in the skillet!

As per my habit, put a small amount of EVOO (Rachel Ray’s acronym for extra virgin olive oil) in a skillet, put in a generous amount of crushed garlic, and a few sprinkles of your favorite hot sauce. I love Ring of Fire, and I sometimes use too much for my wife’s taste, so be careful.

Then after slicing the pork tenderloin into ½ to 1” pieces, place them into medium hot EVOO. Season the up side with salt and pepper, and then turn them over and do the same to the other side. Then allow the down side to cook to a golden brown before turning again. Turn them once more and when black areas begin to appear, take them out. You are now ready for the vegetables you have previously prepared.

Dump the entire plate of vegetables and nuts into the hot skillet. You should not have to add more oil.

Toss the vegetables around until they just begin to get limp and hot throughout. I like mine about half raw, so cook to your taste. Then serve!

This is a very good low fat meal. 3 to 4 slices of pork should be enough for one meal, leaving you a few more slices for other meals, or to slip to your “baby dog” (Baylee) who is waiting patiently near the stove!

We actually got two additional meals – one was breakfast when we reheated the meat beside a couple of over easy eggs (skillet sprayed lightly with EVOO or some other light oil), and then again another day for lunch. We were dying for a “grilled cheese” sandwich, so we used whole wheat bread, some 2% cheese, and the remaining tenderloin.

Judy sprayed the bread with butter spray and toasted each side of the sandwich, which melted the cheese all over the pork! OMG…it was so good! I wish I had photographed the sandwich, but it was gone before I thought about it!

If you don’t cheat just a little, you will never make any sort of weight reduction program!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Proud of you guys on the exercise regimen. I have an expensive stair machine in the living room, in front of the TV, but rarely use it. Need to start. Usually too tired when I come home from teaching all day too worry about it. Think about going to a gym, but when? Need to just make the time. I hear ya.

And we did something similar meal wise Monday night. Went to the store and got a pork loin, salad fixin’s and such, and then came back to my place. I boiled and then mashed a few little potatoes that were mixed with milk and butter, boiled some sweet corn-on-the-cob for me that was slathered in butter and salt and peppered, and we boiled some asparagus for Denise. The Salad she made was amazing, with all sorts of stuff in it, and honey mustard dressing. I should have taken pictures and done a post about it but blew it off. We picked up a freshly baked loaf of bread at the store and consumed about 2/3rds of it with butter on it while we were cooking, and drinking a really good wine. Good times. Not necessarily a healthy meal, but fun anyway.

Mushy said...

Thanks for comment Bro...we both eat pretty well, don't we!?

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