Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I didn’t have any “ribbon like” noodles for a fettuccini, so I had to use a “round like” spaghetti noodle instead!

It don’t matter, if you’re cupboard doesn’t contain everything you need and your in a hurry and hungry…improvise!

I found frozen shrimp, so I let it thaw a little and then pulled off the tails, and then cut it into bite size pieces.

I boiled the spaghetti, which only took 9 minutes, strained the water off, put it back in the large deep pan it was cooked in, and set it aside. I added a little more salt to the noodles for taste.

In a saucepan I heated Bertolli’s Mushroom Alfredo Sauce over low heat.

I cut up a large onion, chopped up a big handful of walnuts and set them aside.

In a large hot skillet, I poured in some olive oil, dumped in a large spoon of garlic, added the onions and walnuts, some hot crushed red peppers, some dried tomatoes (I like a lot of the sweet taste), some salt, and black pepper, and a large jar of sliced mushrooms. Once this mixture began to steam, I dumped in the shrimp and stirred it for about 10 minutes (only slightly longer for fresh shrimp).

When the onions begin to turn transparent, dump it all over the spaghetti and mix.

That's it!

As an extra, I think cooked bacon or a spicy sausage would compliment the flavor. If I’d had some, I would have used it.


Fathairybastard said...

Man, that is NOT on your diet. Carbs out the wazoo. Looks good though. Once again, that combo of sweet and hot is my thing. If it feels good...

Mushy said...

The wife has been sick and I'm anxious...so we went for comfort!

The caveman will be back!

Fathairybastard said...

You know, I believe in my comfort. Hell, you only live once. Hope the wife feels better soon.

pinknest said...

ooh i just made a shrimp and pasta dish, too!

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