Sunday, August 13, 2006


Some great friends invited us to their lake home this week for “trash can turkey”! Wow, was it ever great.

It is so simple that anyone can get great results:

- Spread out some aluminum foil on the ground making a circle
- Drive a broom or hoe handle into the ground in the middle of the circle
- Rub a 15 pound turkey with your favorite seasoning or “rub” (use either smoked or un-smoked turkey)
- Place a the uncooked turkey down over the stake
- Place a 20-gallon non-galvanized trash can down over the turkey
- Place charcoal around the bottom of the trash can and over the top of the trash can
- Light the charcoal and once the coals turn white the turkey will be done in 90 minutes!

If you have more than 12 people, then cook two turkeys.

For desert, you might like some good ol’ Tennessee shine with cherries in the bottom!


Fathairybastard said...

Holy shit. That's cool as hell. Basically cookin a turky in a makeshift, home made dutch oven. Very cool. Round here folks like to deep fry their turky. Ever tried that?

And watch out with that shine. Next thing you know you'll be on your back with a golf tee in your mouth.

Mushy said...

Yes, I have had a peanut oil fried one and they are great. However, this is a little less dangerous, although the guy that placed the turkey on the platters burn himself on the jucies that ran out.

We only eat some cherries out of this batch, but there was another clear batch that was wonderful!

I'll never be a golf tee...can't get that drunk!

Goddess said...

Ooooooooo the booze looks tasty!
oh yeah, the turkey does, too...LOL;)
I've heard about cooking turkeys this way, and the deep fried ones, too, but I've never tasted any.

Mushy said...

It was tasty.

You should try cooking this way, it's easy - 90 minutes and you're eating! I suggest at least 2 turkeys for your brood!

Mushy said...

PLEASE NOTE: Use non-galvanized cans! Galvanized cans are toxic!

Sorry....I have updated the blog text.

Anonymous said...

One question where do you get the 20-gallon non-galvanized trash cans? All I ever seem to find is the galvanized trash cans. Thanks for the fantastic idea's.

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