Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well, retiring we haven't had to break open the beanie weenies nor the dog food. We still have enough money left to eat pretty well from time-to-time.

This menu was a wonderful (if I do say so myself) surf and turf fettuccine. If you are interested, and I promise it's delicious, here are the particulars:

· Grill a nice rib-eye steak (you can eat the juicy fatty parts with a Killian while you work if you like) and cut into small thin bite-size strips and set aside. Season the steak as you would to eat it alone. I used salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
· Cut 4 to 6 scallops into ½” bite-sized pieces (I used pre-cooked).
· Cut 3 or 4 large shrimp into ½” bite-sized pieces (I used pre-cooked) and season with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper (a dash on one side, or do both if you prefer more spicy taste) and set aside.
· Cook shell pasta for the recommended 12 minutes in water with a little salt and teaspoon of cooking oil (keeps it from sticking). When done, drain and set aside.
· Heat a jar of mushroom fettuccine sauce with a small jar of cooked mushrooms.
· In a large skillet on high heat, cook onions, fresh garlic, and dried red tomatoes (4 or 5 large pieces) until the onions begin to soften.
· Add in the seafood and cook until the water from the seafood cooks off. Just before this happens, add in the steak pieces.
· As soon as the skillet ingredients are thoroughly heated, pour into the pasta.
· Stir in the fettuccine sauce and mix thoroughly.
· Serve and stand by for the compliments.

Just before your taste buds think they can stand no more, you’ll hit a dried tomato and they’ll swoon from the great sweet taste.


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