Thursday, February 09, 2006



· Cook bow-tie pasta for 12 minutes, drain, add small amount of olive oil and set aside
· On low heat prepare one jar of Bertolli 4 cheese alfredo sauce and set aside
· On high heat, sauté half a large onion, raw mushrooms, dried tomatoes, and fresh garlic in olive oil, cyan pepper, salt, and course ground pepper.
· Drop in about 18 de-veined and halved large to medium raw shrimp when onions begin to soften
· Sprinkle shrimp with lemon juice and cook until they turn orange/pink (about 6 minutes or less)
· Pour mixture into the drained pasta
· Immediately add the alfredo sauce and mix thoroughly

Serve in bowl.

Serve with your choice of bread (preferably with hard crust for dipping) and a saucer of olive oil mixed with salt and course pepper.

Serve with a nice white wine of choice (we only had Tennessee Valley muscadine, a little sweet, but enjoyable.

See ya.

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