Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Every year I get a Southern hankering for some fresh garden vegetables all fried up in cornmeal! Yum, so delicious, regardless of how bad it may be for you. Hey, we used vegetable oil!

You can go back to THIS POST and see a similar meal prepared for me by my mother in 2008. It was ‘bout time for “fried fix”!

As Judy and I walked through the grocery today, intending to only “buy a few things”, I spotted the fresh squash, okra, and green tomatoes in the produce section. Immediately we got the same idea...let’s fry something!

I cut up the vegetables, including some golden Idaho potatoes for “mashed taters”!

Judy rolled the squash, okra, and ‘maters in egg, and then shook them up in a plastic bag containing cornmeal, salt, and black pepper. With everything well coated, she begin to slowly fry.

By the time everything was ready, the meat loaf was coming out of the oven, along with her special cornbread! My mouth was watering and I could hardly wait!

It was worth the wait, so now maybe I can resist until next season...or not!

Oh, by the way, that's a dollop of mayo in my potatoes! I love the taste it adds. Hey, it's like eating pot-salad to me!


FHB said...

Good food, and I love the new look for the blog.

Mushy said...


Mr. Bill said...

There is NOTHING better than some good ole fashioned food well prepared! Enjoyed your contribution.

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