Sunday, November 09, 2008


As promised, mom cooked for me Sunday afternoon. However, she went to two places and could not find okra or green tomatoes, but she prepared a find meal just the same.

The fried squash was delicious, dipped in egg and rolled in corn meal! She added pinto beans, with lots of juice so the corn bread muffins could soak it up! She also made mashed potatoes and meat loaf.

To add to the taste combination were fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet onions! Of course, I added to the flavor of the potatoes by adding a dab of Miracle Whip Salad Dressing! Yep, and it is great! You put mayo or Miracle Whip in your potato salad don’t you? Well, you should! I learned this little “common-sewer” tip from my Uncle Tom. He loves his mashed potatoes this way, of course, he is one to eat a raw onion while drinking a Pepsi!

My little 80 year-old "mama-zoody", who weighs a good 100 soaking wet, can still stand by the stove and cook with the best of them. She has forgotten more about cooking than I’ll ever learn!

She promised to get okra and green tomatoes soon and do it all again. I personally can hardly wait!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Looks wonderful, like old time cooking at my grandmothers house, back in the day. And yer mom is dressed to the 9s as usual. Tell her I said Hi.

Belton Belle said...

Well, cuz, you've gone and done it again!!! Made me homesick. I really bet Uncle Tom learned to love mashed potatoes with Miracle Whip because Grandmother Williams made them that way!! Hers were great and I know at least one grown up woman who used to be jealous because we kids loved hers best!! Now, those tomates really take me back to when we walked to the garden, took them in the house (barely stopping to wash them) and sliced them up fresh and warm from the sun. That's my favorite style of squash as well! Please give her my love.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

My mom does a thing with squash called a Squash Casserole. She makes it with Lays potato chips. Somehow she crushes the tater chips in there and layers the squash with cheese. It's wonderful.

And that tater salad thing sounds interesting. "They call me, tater salad."

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