Saturday, November 15, 2008


Being retired means you try and make everything as easy as possible, without sacrificing good taste!

Judy and wanted something quick, delicious, and we promised to eat only one serving. It's our way of trying to cut back - put a normal portion on the plate and put anything left over up for next time! Seems more logical than doing without the foods you really like...doesn't it?

Anyway, as Baylee girl looked on, hoping I dropped something, I prepared wieners and onions for cooking.

Judy busied herself in measuring and cooking the right amount of brown rice, and opened a can of black beans.

I chopped a small onion into slivers and set them aside.

I cut the wieners in half length wise, then each half into quarters. I cooked the sliced wieners in a little EVOO, then poured my famous half Heinz 57/honey sauce over them. At the same time, I added the onions over the top and mixed it all up.

After adding the onions, I watched for them to start to get translucent, and then supper was ready!

You can tell the difference in our eating habits by looking at the different servings. Judy likes to compartmentalize, while I pile everything on! After all, it wall winds up in the same my dad used to say!

Now if we weren't trying to cut back a little, we would have served this meal with some cornbread on the side! Man, that would have been great too!

Sorry Baylee...Daddy Dog was just too hungry!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Looks wonderful. I used to make something like that. I've told you before. I'd chop up some jalapeƱo stuffed links and fry them in a pan. Earl Cambell used to put out some great links. Then pour a big can of whole corn and a small can of creamed corn on top and heat it for about 15 minutes. Lots of pepper and butter. It was good stuff. Can't get Denise to go for the corn or the jalapeƱos, so I won't be cookin' that any time soon.

Mushy said...

Shame...she's missing a lot by not trying real American creations!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

True, but what can ya do? It just means there's more for me.

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