Sunday, May 20, 2007


Because he only has 2 feet! Such a same.
Actually he lives in a stall 22 inches wide and 56 inches long!

That's why you'll never see a recipe for veal on this site.


Fathairybastard said...

That's so nasty. Very sad. What people won't do for a different flavor? They should make that shit illegal. When I went to Italy as a kid, and then again as an adult, they'd always offer us a choice of Veal or pasta on the tour menu when we stopped to eat. I always went with pasta. Didn't really know what veal was till later, so I'm glad I chose the way I did. I tell ya, a weeks worh of pasta, lunch and dinner, was bliss to me in 1970.

Mary said...

Nor will you see one anywhere in my life Mush. Seeing veal for sale anywhere triggers really mixed emotions in me, none of them are good, it's so very sad.

doggybloggy said...

mushy get the twisted calf outta something..cook anything

cheesemaker said...

My daughter used to order veal at a local eat n park. She doesn't after what we have seen! Recently a number of amish moved in around our farm. They built five veal barns in our area which holds about 200 calves per barn. (One barn in across the road from our property.) When the veal truck delivers the calves, shortly thereafter, vultures can be seen hovering over the barn. I was told by this amish farmer that he gives antibiotic shots to these calves. Each calve has a number and he has a clipboard with the calves number and which shot it gets. His antibiotic bill for the first shipment of calves was
$8,000. There is a pipe on his barn which is directed into the ground entering a culvurt going under the road into a stream that runs beside our property into a small town below. Soneone told me they called the EPA and apparently nothing was done. These factory farmers are contracted with a large company to mass produce veal.
Imagine what five veal barns can produce! I guess money talks!

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