Sunday, May 27, 2007


My daughter and her husband treated my wife and me to a May birthday dinner at The Chop House in Knoxville this afternoon. It was a wonderful meal and we enjoyed their and our granddaughter’s company very much. Just being with them would have been enough, but they insisted on paying.

Knowing their strong feelings before going, I ordered unsweetened tea instead of my usual Killian or Sierra Nevada! I do not like to order beer or liquor on someone else’s tab. It also reinforces to everyone that I am not an alcoholic! I just love my beer!

My wife and daughter ordered the small fillet (one with baked and one with sweet potato), while my son-in-law and I ordered the ribeye (one with traditional potato and I went with the sweet).

Katie Bug, trying to be completely different from us “older folk” went with the Lobster Alfredo - lobster, blue crab meat and shrimp smothered in a rich Alfredo sauce with green onions, snap peas, mushrooms, garlic and fresh tomatoes served over fettuccine. It looked delicious, but I would have made it with dried tomatoes instead of fresh for more flavors! But, I am a show off!

Of course, there were house salads around!

We are honored that at fifteen, Katie still does not mind being seen with us!

Happy Birthday Weekend to us!

I sometimes feel guilty about having birthdays, knowing that so many young men did not get to see many past their eighteenth! Let us remember them as well.


Fathairybastard said...

So, do people give you a lot of shit about drinking? Kill joy tea toattlers can be such a pain, and I say that as someone who really doesn't drink much. Unless you get up in the morning craving a beer, yer not an alcohaulic.

I'm with your granddaughter on the sea food. Looks wonderful. My mom makes a killer steak, seasoned with lots of pepper and cooked over butter, so I don't even try the steak in resaurants.

Just got the word that mom has taken the peaches and chicken out to thaw, so you know what I'll be posting about tonight.

Mushy said...

I don't really drink as much as it might seem, but my mom always brings up something about drinking when it's mentioned.

I could actually live without it, but there's no reason to right now.

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