Wednesday, March 29, 2006


My wife is eating fewer carbs these days, so tonight I fired up the grill and cooked hamburger steaks (about ½ lb. each). Even though I could not have the bun, I could at least enjoy a burger over a nice grill. I usually season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder on each side. I let them cook undisturbed on high on one side while I indulged in a short Macanudo and a Flying Dog “Old Scratch” beer, and watched from high above on the deck as my dog sniffed her way all around the backyard.

I reduced the heat slightly and flipped the burger patties and went inside and cut up the raw vegetables:

- Half a large sweet onion
- Half a yellow and orange bell pepper (red would have been nice too)
- About 12 small to medium flowers of broccoli (bite size)
- About 24 small carrots cut in half
- About 10 thick slices of portabella mushrooms cut in half

After checking the grill quickly, I moved the nearly done patties to the top rack and reduced the heat by cutting off the left and right burners and turning the center to low.

Back inside I added olive oil and garlic (naturally) to a large skillet and turned the heat up to 8, and opened a second Old Scratch.

Once the garlic begins to dance, I dump in all the cut up ingredients and mix them thoroughly in the hot oil and minced garlic. Then I sprinkle the veggies with salt, ground black pepper, and crushed red peppers. Add crushed red pepper to the “spicy” flavor you like. Once over is plenty hot, but a second pass will kick it up to my level!

When the veggies and mushrooms are limp and hot throughout, turn the heat off (leaving skillet over the eye) and go get the steaks.

Serve as shown unless you just have to add carbs to it – either way – it is very satisfying!

See ya next time.

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