Thursday, August 26, 2010


I can't remember if I've ever mentioned this on this blog or not, but I tell my family and friends that they must save some pizza for their next morning's breakfast!  It is simply wonderful with scrambled eggs!

Last evening, my family had a "goodbye" gathering for our granddaughter Katie Bug.  Today is moving in day at Tennessee Tech and we are going to sorely miss her!

Anyway, we saved half our Big Ed's Pizza for this morning's breakfast.

I sprinkled the pizza with jalapeno chips and put the pie on a cookie sheet and placed it in the oven for 10 minutes on 350 degrees.  That seem to be the right amount of time to crisp up the crust and get everything just hot enough.

I also had coffee ready and then scramble us two eggs for the side.

It's wonderful how jalapeno taste blends with the coffee, giving a fantastic taste combination that becomes addictive!  I usually have two cups!

So, the completed breakfast includes the pizza, eggs, and coffee.  Just the right start for the day!

I'm sorry to say that breakfast reminded me that Katie on her way to the "real world"!  I'm sure going to miss her.


FHB said...

It's like all the kids from my classes in Florence, goin' off to college now. I get to watch it all happen on Facebook. You will too.

My usual breakfast, on the way down to Florence, has shifted from corn dogs to bacon and egg breakfast burritos. There's a gas station, stop-n-rob that sells 'em down there, made by a little Mexican gal. I think she rolls 'em on her thigh... Or maybe not. Anyway, I haven't gotten the shits yet. The morning drink of choice is still diet Mtn. Dew. You think that's healthier than corn dogs?

Mushy said...


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