Thursday, October 30, 2008


I remember when I used to invite my future wife over for Mushy’s Special steak and baked sweet potato by candle light! I think my cooking was part of what wooed her in the first place.

We tried to re-live one of those wonderful evenings the other night – wanting to make it just as special.

For her, it was a thick juicy filet and for me, a big juicy t-bone!

The weather was perfect for grilling, not too hot, and not too cool, with the smell of spring flowers blooming in the backyard, the birds were still singing, and the Black Dog Ale was cold.

In the oven, the huge sweet potato was baking for about an hour, while I prepared the butter and brown sugar!

All went well; the steaks came off the grill perfectly cooked, having resisted turning them more than once.

The meal was delicious, even if the fresh portabella mushrooms and sweet Vidalia onions were still safely hidden in the fridge! They would have been nice with the steak, like in the old days, but best I can remember…there was no room anyway!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I bought a large package of frozen cooked shrimp a week or so ago for a snack with cocktail sauce and crackers. As it turned out, we needed something for a meal tonight.

It just came to me to try the “breading” I used previously on fish, and it turned out tasty!

After completely thawing the shrimp, over about 2 hours, I drained them on a paper towel and removed the tail shells.

Judy prepared some brown rice and dumped in about a half a cup of frozen peas. They cooked while I prepared my shrimp.

Sipping on one of my favorite libations, the best sipping whiskey made, George Dickel, I finely chopped walnuts and spread them out on a paper plate.

In a bowl, I cracked a jumbo egg, added salt, black pepper, a little blackened seasoning powder, and a little paprika (why…I just wanted the color). I whipped the egg and ingredients, mixing them very well.

I then dumped the shrimp into the bowl and tossed them, thoroughly mixing the egg mixture on them.

I then placed the shrimp into the crushed walnuts and turned them to get nuts on both sides. I then placed the encrusted shrimp into a skillet of hot EVOO and garlic. I let them cook on each side until the nuts looked “browned”!

Dividing the rice and peas, and the shrimp, we soon began to swoon and moan over the goodness of the shrimp and walnut flavor. It was quite a surprise meal that just happened!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


The weather is definitely changing this time – a front moved through this afternoon blowing yellow leaves all over the yard and dropping the temperature some twenty degrees cooler than yesterday. I is supposed to be down to 38 Friday night, so I guess Indian summer is about over!

This weather change called for some quick thinking about something simple to cook and good to eat on a cool damp evening. In the south that calls for pinto beans, cornbread, onions, and maybe some smoked Johnsonville Beef Brats as an extra comfort kicker!

Sure was good while watching the cool air chase the clouds away!
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