Sunday, October 26, 2008


I bought a large package of frozen cooked shrimp a week or so ago for a snack with cocktail sauce and crackers. As it turned out, we needed something for a meal tonight.

It just came to me to try the “breading” I used previously on fish, and it turned out tasty!

After completely thawing the shrimp, over about 2 hours, I drained them on a paper towel and removed the tail shells.

Judy prepared some brown rice and dumped in about a half a cup of frozen peas. They cooked while I prepared my shrimp.

Sipping on one of my favorite libations, the best sipping whiskey made, George Dickel, I finely chopped walnuts and spread them out on a paper plate.

In a bowl, I cracked a jumbo egg, added salt, black pepper, a little blackened seasoning powder, and a little paprika (why…I just wanted the color). I whipped the egg and ingredients, mixing them very well.

I then dumped the shrimp into the bowl and tossed them, thoroughly mixing the egg mixture on them.

I then placed the shrimp into the crushed walnuts and turned them to get nuts on both sides. I then placed the encrusted shrimp into a skillet of hot EVOO and garlic. I let them cook on each side until the nuts looked “browned”!

Dividing the rice and peas, and the shrimp, we soon began to swoon and moan over the goodness of the shrimp and walnut flavor. It was quite a surprise meal that just happened!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Damn that sounds good. I love the fact that we can get those huge friggin' shrimp at the store and play around with them like this. Thought you were gonna do shrimp fried rice there for a minute, but this sounds great. And finally we get a shot of that master at work. Great post brother.

Les Becker said...

Okay, I think even *I* could make that... if I knew what the hell EVOO is...

Buck said...

Mmmmm-mmm! Dang, this all looks good!

I like the cook's incentive, too. Or maybe that would be inspiration. Speaking of the George Dickel, of course. ;-)

Lin said...

You're just a wicked foodie demon, Mushy. Here I convinced Mark that I needed daylight generator time to write something sitting heavy on my mind and you drag me way to yet another excellent food pron moment of yours.
Now all I want to do is munch on those shrimp and sip a little George. Not complaining though!

And I know who is in charge of the kitchen when you show up - NO doubts there at all. Mark will worship the very ground you tread upon. Of this I have no doubts 'cause I will be in the wide genuflecting row right behind him.

Mushy said...

Les - You never watch Rachel Ray either? Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lin - Hot dogs around a campfire is good enough for me...but, if you encourage me.

pinknest said...

mmm that sounds so yummy!! i haven't had shrimp in awhile.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Dude, ain't y'all eatin' these days?

Mushy said...

We ain't cookin' right now!

*Goddess* said...

Hmm, that walnut coating sounds so much better than my tired old breadcrumb breading. I'll have to try that next time.

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