Monday, September 17, 2007


Ron and I were up and at’em this morning, both getting our vehicles oil changed. When I arrived, about 20 minutes after his appointment at the dealership, his car was ready. I through the Service Manager my keys and hopped into the car with Ron.

After walking 3 laps around the park (just under 2 miles), we drove back to my house, watched a little demo of my new TV and sound system, and unloaded a case of Yuengling Black & Tan Ron had brought me back from North Carolina.

Then it was off to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch!

We got into it little the barmaid because the tap was dry of Samuel Adams, which is the only decent pull at Ruby’s! We then ordered Sam in the bottle and when it came time for round 2, she informed us they were out! “Damn,” I said out loud, “what’s this place coming to?”

To give her credit, she too was concerned about the quality and quantity of beer stocked by Ruby’s in Harriman. She also came back with a new one for us to try and it turned out it satisfied our taste buds…at least this time. The beer was Wild Hop Lager, which is brewed in California.

We finished them off with our “salad bar” salads, and settled up our bills. Turned out that I got a random “survey” coupon with my ticket, so I went on line and gave the head office an ear/eye full! I got a $4 off coupon for my trouble and possibly, in the long run, get some good beers on tap there.

Later, at home, after helping my mom with some financial things, my wife had supper waiting. Oh, how I love her chicken bake casserole and homemade slaw! Yummmy! I think I’ve already posted this recipe…and it’s worth a try…takes minimal effort and turns out great every time.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Ya gotta learn them folks. Still smugglin' eh? Cool. Who knew that shit was gonna be the ticket? Food looks wonderful. Good times. You did remember to go get your car back, right? "Tied by the lips to a pewter engine", they used to say... Beer mugs being made of pewter back then.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

By the time I get back there they'll have Black & Tan on tap, somewhere, and you guys will have found it. Service with a smile.

Anonymous said...

Why smuggle when you can get it at Food City here in Knoxville now? Most reasonable dining establishments have Yuengling B&T and Lager available by the bottle... I'm still waiting for some placed to have it on tap.

One can only dream

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