Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yeah baby! I know you are looking for a way to slap on another 2 or 3 pounds before Labor Day, so this breakfast post and tomorrow’s “supper” post will help you out!

Before “getting serious” again Monday, there were things I wanted to eat. The first was a good old country breakfast of cornbread, white-milk gravy, eggs, and bacon! My gosh, it even had the dog dancing around the kitchen wanting some of the action!

While Judy was busy wiping up the gravy, using the grease from thick sliced bacon, I watched the cornbread in the oven, and whipped up some scrambled eggs. I know what you are thinking, but I got my blood test results back from the doctor today and everything was “PERFECT,” to quote the doc’s comment!

So, it was so delicious there was little left to share with Baylee!

Now, the other things I wanted I will get at my mom’s Sunday afternoon – EVERYTHING FRIED! Fried squash, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, and creamed yellow corn! Is life grand, or what?


Belton Belle said...

Hello, Cousin! Everytime I think of breakfast, I can smell the strong coffee, the scrambled eggs, toast and excellent spicy browned sausage that Nell used to make when we visited her and Granddaddy in Knoxville. Of course, I (unfortunately) have other favorite breakfast choices like country ham and red eye gravy. I mostly save this type of breakfast for when I'm back in AL or stopping at a Cracker Barrel. We're to have one in Killeen soon I hear. Now our closest is Waco or Roundrock, TX. Enjoy Aunt Tene's supper. Thanks for the blog recommendations from yesterday too!!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Looks wonderful. And to think you offered to cook breakfast and I said no. Didn't want to put you to the trouble. SUCH a fool. Next time.

Glad to hear about your health report. Now, start walkin' out to the water and back every day and before you know it we'll be up on the AT, and you won't feel like dyin'.

Mushy said...

Kay - Your mom used to make red-eyed gravy when I stayed with your family and played with Mark (mostly).

Our family was mostly known for "white" gravy!

FHB - Judy makes the best gravy of anyone I've ever been married too, or lived with! I make the best pancakes and omelets!

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