Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Riverside Tavern is one of three similar restaurants in the Knoxville area, owned and operated by the same company. The Riverside Tavern was near where we chose to walk today, which was along part of the Dogwood Arts Trail through Sequoia Hills. You can see more on the walk at either Flickr, or Mushy’s Moochings.

My wife and I shared the:

- Tavern Chicken Pasta Combo - Marinated grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach, sundried tomatoes and broccoli florets, sautéed with penne pasta in a light white wine cream sauce, paired with a House salad, and the…

- Brick Oven Pizza and Salad Combo - Barbeque Chicken pizza accompanied by a House salad.

The food and the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draft was very complimenting.


Fathairybastard said...

Tasty! BBQ chicken pizza sounds really good.

pinknest said...

i'll take the brick oven pizza combo please!

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Shit, Mushy, this is pure torture - 12.30am, ready to hit the sack, and you've made me open up the kitchen.. THINK I HATE YOU!!

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