Sunday, April 22, 2007


Cricket’s Restaurant is just 1 minute from downtown Pine Mountain, Georgia, well, actually, it’s more like 3 minutes! It’s either that, or the guy who drove the distance off before making the sign drove at 75 MPH!

Whatever the distance, it’s worth the trip down HWY 18 from Pine Mountain to taste the 14 oz. Rib-Eye or the 8 oz. Filet cooked to taste, and served with Brabant Potatoes (that’s Cajun fer diced and fried) and sweet corn! Served with a nice Bass Ale!

Afterwards, sit on the porch and watch the traffic ramble on to Columbus or back down to Pine Mountain. Soon, you will be hearing the hoot owls and whippoorwills calling down in the Callaway Gardens’ forest. Ah, that sure is country down there!

For pictures and more details on our trip, click over to Mushy’s Moochings or Flickr!


EC said...

You know of the best restaurants! That looks fabulous!!

Fathairybastard said...

Man, when ever we used to canoe the Buffalo National River every spring, we'd go to sleep at night on the gravel banks listening to whippoorwills. I miss that now. Love their sound. Looks like good food. Good times.

doggybloggy said...

wow mushy you get around a bit dont you?

Michelle Ann said...

People in the south really know how to eat! That Rib-Eye was calling to me.

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