Thursday, July 20, 2006


Now come on, even you can make a salad, surprise someone tonight! It’s this easy.

Just purchase and layout these items:

- Precut and packaged salad fixings
- One red, green, and yellow bell pepper (you only need half of each, so plenty left for the next one)
- Precut and packaged carrots
- Tomatoes (your choice of the kind – and they don’t have to be red)
- Onions (I like the little green onions – but Vidalia or red onions will work)
- Some cottage cheese
- Some shredded cheese (use your favorite kind)
- Your favorite dressing (I used a fat free variety and this raspberry brand really has a great taste combo with the peppers going for it!)
- A handful of sunflower or even peanuts for flavor

If you want a little meat, either then use grilled wieners (all beef), left over hamburger – as I did, or diced cooked ham.

Always use the largest salad bowl you have, because once you get started with the ingredients, it will always over flow! Simply layer the ingredients in the bowl beginning with the lettuce.

Come on – you can do!

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