Thursday, June 14, 2012


My wife is laid up recuperating from dental implant surgery, so cooking has been up to me the last few days.  She gave me her recipe for potato soup prior to the drugs, so it should be fairly accurate and turn out great!

First, and worse part of the process, is peeling the Yukon Gold's!  She prefers this potato for soup...probably what her mother used...truth be known!  Once peeled, wash, and cut into cubes, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size, and put into a quart size boiling/sauce pan.  We laughed last night over remembering how old folks used to refer to this size pot as a "stewer", but it came out more like "stuer", especially in the South.

I cut up about 10 medium size (just right to hold in the palm of your hand), and dumped the cubes into the pan.  I fill the pan up, just over the potatoes, with chicken broth, saving some to make up later for what evaporated.

There is no need for extra salt, the broth is plenty salty, but I added a little garlic powder and pepper.  I also grated a Valida onion, until I had enough to cover the palm of my hand, and started the pot heating.  I turned the element on high until I got a good boil going, and then turned it down to medium and set the timer for 45 minutes.

When the timer alerted me, I refilled my glass with Fat Tire, seems I have to have a Fat Tire in my other hand when I cook, and cut off some pieces of Velveeta Cheese, and poured in about a cup of Half & Half.  I turned the heat to SIM and let it be for about an hour.

It's not necessary to cook that long, especially since the potatoes were soft in 45 minutes, but I was posting this, so it took me about an hour to take the photos, check Facebook, and re-size the shots!  I also had to make some cornbread.

You ain't Southern if you eat a meal without cornbread!

I've posted this before, but here it is again for you late comers!

Put a small size iron skillet in the oven at 425 degrees, with about a 1/4 cup of oil in it...I used vegetable oil, but my Granny Mashburn would have put in about a table spoon chunk of lard!  This heats the skillet and the oil, and will be just right after you do the following...

Put 5 to 6 tablespoons of self-rising cornmeal in a mixing bowl (small), then put in a teaspoon spoon of sugar, sprinkle in a little salt (I like sea-salt now) and pepper.  Then add a heaping tablespoon of self-rising flour, and one large egg.  Mix these ingredients and then add enough milk or buttermilk to make the mixture very soupy!

Open the oven, and take out the skillet, pour the hot oil into the mixture, and mix!

Then pour the mixture back into the hot skillet and and close the door.  Set the timer for 20 minutes.

That's it!  You have just made the best cornbread your mouth has ever tasted.  Oh, you can add diced jalapenos, cheese, if you want, but for this meal you don't need it.  Save that for chili!
I then turned the soup on low, and continued surfing!

When the 20 minutes are up, take the bread out, flip the "pone" upside down, that browns the top better, and let it sit on the stove top until you are ready to eat.

I'm dying to eat, but she is still napping off the lunch round of pain medication, so the soup will be fine, on low, until she wakes up in about 30 minutes.

When we do eat, we'll add a teaspoon of sour-cream to our bowls, I'll butter my bread, and we'll chow down! 

Okay...refill time!  See ya!

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FHB said...

That made me hungry. Hope the little woman is doing much better now.

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