Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Turkey Kielbasa On A Cold Winter's Evening

Judy and I were out and about most of the day, she had a dental appointment and I was staying with my mom whose heat had conked out! After mom was settled, Judy and I headed for the grocery. We were tired and cold by the time we made it back, so food, and something good was foremost on our minds.We had a double package of turkey kielbasa in the refrigerator that needed to be eaten or frozen, so that was chosen as the meat for our meal. I also noticed a green, yellow, and red bell pepper that would be too old in a few more days. The meal was complete!

I chopped up the bell peppers, into half circles, and a whole sweet onion, and set them aside. I then cut the kielbasa off in think rings.

In a large skillet, I sprinkled a few lines of olive oil and dumped in the meat on medium heat. I took out the scraps and some old fruit salad, left over from Christmas, while the skillet came up to heat. It was all sizzling nicely when I returned. I added about a table spoon full of minced garlic, and lightly sprinkled in some cayenne pepper. I began stirring the meat, not letting it stick, until each piece began showing a nice brown color around the edges.

At that point, I dumped in the vegetables and again drizzled a few lines of olive oil over the entire mixture, sprinkled on some salt and pepper, and a good amount of crushed red pepper. In the end, I almost got things a touch too hot, but the spices made everything taste wonderful. I may be cutting back in portions, but I don't like to cut back on taste or heat!

We each got a small portion, about saucer size, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with only water. There was plenty left over for tomorrow!

The warmth came back to our bones and we were once again very happy to be home.

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FHB said...

We had something similar tonight. I brought home two pounds of cut sausage from a great place in San Saba and cooked some cheddar and broccoli noodles to go with it.

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