Friday, December 04, 2009


Yep, weatherman is predicting our first snow of the 2009 season, and a possibility of our weather patterns returning to what they were 12 to 15 years ago. That means we could get 2 or 3 6 to 8 inch snows this winter! Yahoo, maybe I’ll get to dust the snow off my old sled in the basement and sand off the rust on the runners.

Anyway, the store was full of people with overloaded buggies today, and the road crews have already sprayed down the streets, so something is in the area. Could only be the smell of high expectations, but that’s okay with me too. It’s cold and damp, and getting colder and my pantry is full!

Judy cooked pinto beans a few days ago, soaked them over night, and then simmered them all day. By the time the cornbread was pulled from the oven, I could have eaten an oven mitt! They were good too, complimenting the cooked cabbage, homey, and meatloaf she had prepared.

So, today, after being out most of the early afternoon, she put together her world famous chili using the leftover beans, and adding the hamburger meat we bought at the crowded store.

I’m telling you, that chili, poured over a big hunk of leftover cornbread was unbelievably great! I asked her for the recipe for this post, but she is one of those good cook’s, who learned at the apron strings of her mother, that never uses a recipe – it’s all in her head.

I told her, “This chili is too good not to pass on the recipe for posterity!

So, she gave me a little pad where she had scribbled down the ingredients, but the first thing I noticed is…NO measurements!

Well, anyway, here is a good photo of the chili, and what she gave me, and, of course, my word that this was the best she’s ever made for me. She what you can do with these sparse instructions:

In a big pot put…

- Any kind of beans you like…we usually like a mix of pintos, kidney, and navy beans. The number of cans depend on the number joining you, or the number of days you want to eat chili again, and the amount of meat you use.

- If you are using canned beans, you can use the liquid from the beans, but drain the kidney bean juice off. Otherwise, there should be plenty of cooking liquid in the pot from cooking, and some extra water may need to be added. It’s your call, but remember how “juicy” you want your chili to be!

- With the beans still simmering, add in a small can of tomato sauce, and a can of fine-cut canned tomatoes.

In a skillet…

- Brown hamburger meat (you can use white canned chicken in a pinch, but it tastes significantly different, but good)

- When meat is almost browned, maybe just a little pink, with some grease still left in the bottom, add in a “heaping” tablespoon of minced garlic, 4 to 6 tablespoons (or to taste) of Extra Spicy Mrs. Dash. A package of Chili-O Seasoning, and several shakes of Worchester sauce.

Finally, when the meat is fully cooked and the ingredients are thoroughly mixed throughout, dump the contents of the skillet into the pot of beans! Stir and mix up thoroughly, and then simmer for about an hour, stirring often to prevent sticking and scorching.

Further suggestions to enhance the taste of your individual bowl of chili, use cornbread mixed into the chili, or use peanut butter on crackers on the side, or a small handful of peanuts directly into the bowl. Either way, or just plain, if done properly, this will be the best chili you’ve ever tasted.

Come on snow!


FHB said...

Looks just like my mommas, only she puts jalapenos in hers.

Ralph said...

Damn that chili looks good. Really, really good. Snowing here - good day for chili. I'll try it.

Anonymous said...

Your recipes look awesome!

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Mushy said...

Sounds good, but I'm afraid she'd never cook if I wore that!

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