Thursday, March 13, 2008


I’ve been trying to watch what I eat, and thus far I haven’t missed a bite that goes by me! I was up to 247 at the doctor’s office today, but that didn’t stop me from wanting and fixing me a tasty pasta dish.

There used to be a place in Knoxville called McGuffey’s, but has since closed, which served the most wonderful blackened chicken pasta! They even put a slice of cantaloupe on the side, and man that was just the best taste combination you could imagine.

So, last night I boiled some Barille Penne pasta, fried some chicken tenderloins, and chopped up a huge red bell pepper, some dried tomatoes, some mushrooms, and a large onion, and proceeded to build two plates of the most lip smacking taste combinations! I didn’t have a cantaloupe, but that didn’t matter much. I seasoned the tenderloins with salt, pepper, and Cajun’s Choice Blackened Seasoning, and fried them to a deep golden brown, almost black in some spots!

I poured me a glass of Yuengling and started cubing up the chicken I fried in EVOO, garlic, and hot sauce, and then I chopped up the pepper and the onion. Once the pasta was drained and set aside, I put the Classico Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo on to heat. In the same EVOO that I cooked the chicken in I dumped the mushrooms and dried tomatoes in and sautéed them for about 2 minutes before plopping in the peppers and onions.

I had salted the chicken tenderloins while cooking, and then the vegetables as they started to wilt. Leaving the vegetables slightly crunchy, I dumped them over the top of the pasta, and then added the hot Alfredo sauce and mixed it thoroughly.

Mmmm, look at that serving on the plate…some good garlic buttered bread would have been great too, but alas, I’m cutting back!

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~Fathairybastard~ said...

Mmmm, good lookin' stuff, as usual.

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