Saturday, September 09, 2006


It was football time again in Tennessee and we invited my daughter and son-in-law over for pre-game tailgate feast!

The main dish was butterflied pork chops. I began by letting them sit for about an hour with a light coating of olive oil, pork chop seasoning, and minced garlic.

During this time my wife prepared her famous potato salad and baked beans. She also unrolled some canned rolls and allowed them to warm and rise.

I decided to grill the chops on medium heat. I black peppered each chop on each side before placing them on the grill. I did not salt the chops until the side had been against the heat for about 15 minutes. I then turned them and salted the browned side. Each side was against the flame for a total of 25 minutes. The meat was tender, juicy, and done through.

I served the plate with the butterfly chop in the middle of the plate, potato salad on one side, and baked beans on the other. On one wing of the chop I placed a tablespoon of Harry & David’s Sweet Mango Chutney, and on the other a tablespoon of Harry & David’s Apple and Vidalia Onion Relish.

It is hard to say which I enjoyed the most. Suffice it to say, either is a good choice to sweeten up your pork!


Goddess said...

ok it's just CRUEL to send out emails detailing your supper!! especially when i'm so doggone hungry...

Fathairybastard said...

I like the goddess' new icon. And the vittles do look juicy.

Anonymous said...

I dig the new food "Mushy-franchise"... why does the meat look so g**da*m good.. for dinner tongiht I had a can of garbanzo beans, pasta w/tomato sauce and bread--not even close to "the other white meat" featured in your post!

Castaway @ Walk-a-bout

Mushy said...

Castaway...give in to the meat side, you know you miss it!

I voted for you tonight...hope you hit me too!

Fathairybastard said...

Hey, did yall stop eatin' or what?

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