Thursday, March 11, 2010


Judy and I took Lily to the Gondolier Italian Restaurant, in Midtown, TN, last Monday for lunch. She had a great time dipping her fresh baked roll in the delicious marinara sauce. I think it was her first time at trying that trick, and I think it caught on.

I say all this because, while Lily had children's pizza, Judy and I shared one of the best Italian Subs we've had in some time. It was seasoned with Italian dressing and just hit the spot.

So, after a little driving tour of the surrounding country side Wednesday, we had to make a stop at the grocery for staples. While there Judy asked me what I wanted for supper, and I still had that sub in my mind, and probably a little taste in my mouth as well!

She was ecstatic when I told her what was on my mind, and she pressed me to put one together just as good.

I bought a fresh loaf of sourdough Italian bread, some honey baked ham and turkey, a red onion, an orange bell pepper, some provolone cheese, an Italian green long pepper, a tomato, and a bottle of Italian dressing. I knew I had some pepperoni in the fridge, so I was set!

At home I prepared the vegetables by slicing them thinly, and opened the luncheon meat and salad dressing.

I then split the loaf in half, sprinkled it with olive oil, and toasted it. I then removed the bread and put the provolone on one side and the cold pepperoni on the other side. I put it all back into the oven until the cheese melted and pepperoni bubbled!

I pulled the bread from the oven and liberally spread on the onions, peppers, and meat. I then sprinkled the salad dressing over everything and closed the bread. I cut the bread, on an angle, into 4 generous pieces.
It was better than we had on Monday and we had the left over pieces you see in the photo today! It was still delicious after a light microwave touch and more dressing!

Of course, the Fat Tire I had created a wonderful battle of taste sensations in my mouth. I'm hungry again!
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