Thursday, January 06, 2011


Got home late today, just ahead of another snow, but we needed to eat something, and eat something comforting and warm!

Previously I had frozen some chicken meat, and I found the big pasta noodles I wanted to try, along with a jar of Mezzetta pasta sauce, and some sun dried tomatoes.  Well, it looked to me like all this would go together pretty well together, and well it did!

I cooked the huge pasta noodles for about 12 minutes, while I chopped up the chicken into bite size pieces, and cut the dried tomatoes down to thin strips.  

On a back burner I heated the Home Style Marinara.  On the larger front burner I began cooking the chicken in olive oil and garlic.  I also put the dried tomatoes into the hot skillet and cooked them with the meat.  I used sea salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper to season the chicken meat.

Once the chicken was thoroughly cooked (which means the tomatoes had plumped up and cooked) I added it to the marinara and then poured it all over the noodles!

Man, watching the heavy flakes of snow come down while eating hot pasta is the end to a perfect day!
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